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SuperTitan MAX 

At Trylon we pride ourselves in manufacturing Canadian made steel towers for all types of projects, from large scale telecommunication towers to smaller ham radio towers.  Our SuperTitan Max tower complies with all versions of both the EIA 222 and CSA S-37 standards. Our SuperTitan Max towers ship directly from Trylon and ship in knocked-down (unassembled) form (19’ sections). The maximum face width is 24’ and the maximum height of 251’provides extreme elevation for your antennas and equipment. With the purchase of a SuperTitan Max tower you will receive P.Eng stamped drawings at no additional cost. 

Additional accessories can be purchased with the tower including but not limited to; cable or rail safety climb kits, antenna mounts, step-bolt climbing kits, grounding kits, lightning rods, beacon light kits and factory paint (orange & white).

About Trylon

Trylon has been supplying innovative, cell site steel infrastructure, as well as site acquisition, engineering services, installation and technical services for wireless networks since the introduction of cellular technology in the early 1980s. As technology has evolved, we’ve continued to facilitate its expansion and accessibility, more recently with internet broadband, LTE and small-cell installations.

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