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The new LPT series antenna, LPT600/71, is an industry leading 5G-FR1 & WiFi-6E product series. With a new low-profile design, our LPT600/71 antenna series offers a robust, attractive profile with exceptional efficiency and performance across all peak bands. The LPT series is the first wideband 5G-FR1 industrial antenna on the market with all the key mounting options, including Direct N Jack, Direct N Male, and standard NMO. With superior performance that features an impressive 2 dBi gain at Band 71 (617-698 MHz), and over 67% efficiency, the LPT series insures reliable coverage across all frequency bands. Pulse’s LPT series is a superior option with significant performance advantages compared to other solutions on the market. With a variety of mounting options, the LPT600/71 series offers design flexibility across many applications, including fleet management, M2M, IoT, Connected Vehicles and more.

About Pulse

Pulse, a YAGEO company, is a key element in a family of businesses  that combine to create one of the largest passive electronic manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1956 in Redwood City, California and acquired by Yageo Corporation in 2018 Pulse has over 60 years of innovation experience and is a leader in technology, design and manufacturing.  Our passive electronic components include power and networking magnetics, current sensing, cable harnesses, power supplies, antennas and connectors. Our global customer base include the market leaders in the Communications, Computing, Consumer, Industrial, IoT and Transportation segments.

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