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A New Era of Concealment: ObscureTech specializes in architectural concealment solutions

Wireless carriers and engineering firms need a fast, easy, cost-efficient solutions for concealing rooftop, pole and wall mounted antennas and infrastructures.

Obscure Tech utilizes the highest quality RF-transparent film available to the market.  Our combination of film and laminate provides the best protection for UV, water, salt and mold, while providing the longest lifespan.  From color matching and photo imaging to our reflective concealment film, we offer several solutions for legacy to mmwave 5G technology.  Protection from graffiti is also available.

Our products have been tested and approved by all wireless carriers and is one of the few products approved to be installed directly on equipment.  From RF and environmental to optical and mechanical, all required tests passed.  RF condition was tested from 500MHz thru 100GHz (mmW).  For more information, please ask us about the qualification test results.

Our manufacturing partner use a nano lamination and polymer technology to produce a metallic luster without using metal. The manufacturer’s unique optical design technology creates a nano graded multilayer structure with a high level of precision. Interference reflection in the visible light spectrum achieves a natural metallic mirror reflection.

ABOUT ObscureTech

Our Vision is to beautify our skylines by removing visual pollution and making equipment fade into its surroundings with our cutting-edge non-conductive technology.

"A new era of concealment!"

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Headquarters: 3305 Hwy 60 West, Faribault, MN 55021

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