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E.C.I. Networks’ Disaggregated Packet Broker Solution:  Network Visibility and Monitoring Peace of Mind

What is a Disaggregated Packet Broker? A game-changer in network visibility, a disaggregated Network Packet Broker (NPB) is a flexible, scalable solution that optimizes your network monitoring capabilities without vendor lock-ins. The word “disaggregated” represents the separation of the hardware layer of the NPB from the software layer. E.C.I. Networks’ solution allows the end-user to access network traffic without affecting performance or overcomplicating their infrastructure, giving them flexibility and major TCO savings!

Our packet broker, much like your car's dashboard warning lights for low tire pressure or gas, empowers you to proactively identify and address network issues in their early stages, preventing them from escalating into severe disruptions.

Take a copy of your network traffic and send it to multiple monitoring tools such as a protocol analyzer or packet capture to acquire full network visibility before problems arise.

The Future of Network Monitoring

No Vendor Lock-Ins: Choose the best-in-class components without being tied to a single vendor.

CapEx/OpEx Savings: Reduce upfront capital expenditures with a cost-efficient solution while streamlining operations and lowering ongoing maintenance costs.

Scalability: Easily expand your network monitoring capacity as your business grows.

Flexibility: Tailor your packet broker to suit your unique network requirements.

Open a World of Possibilities

Key features include:

  • Out of Band deployment
  • Traffic aggregation
  • Packet replication
  • Load balancing and filtering
  • Multiple port speeds up to 400G

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As the first Canadian Solution Integrator to join the OCP (Open Compute Project), E.C.I. Networks has built great relationships with vendors across the entire open networking portfolio, with top hardware and software/OS vendors based on feature set and functionality.    


E.C.I. Networks is a Solution Integrator leveraging the power of Open Networking and SONiC services to create cutting-edge network visibility solutions. E.C.I. Networks empowers businesses and organizations to embrace the future of connectivity, offering tailored expertise, quality products, and a commitment to excellence. By fostering collaboration and driving innovation, E.C.I. Networks aims to be the trusted partner clients rely on for Open Networking solutions that transform their digital landscapes and drive success in an interconnected world. 


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